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Magic Travel - Cookie Statement


Whenever you use our online services or apps, we utilize cookies and other online tracking technologies, which we will refer to as 'cookies' for the purpose of this Cookie Statement.

Cookies serve various purposes, including enabling the functionality of the Magic Travel website, analyzing traffic, and supporting advertising efforts.


Continue reading to gain a deeper understanding of what constitutes a 'cookie,' its uses, and the choices available to you.


What are cookies and other online tracking technologies?

How are cookies used?

What are your choices?

What are cookies and online tracking technologies?


A web browser cookie is a small text file that websites store in your computer's or mobile device's web browser.


These cookies store information about the content you view and interact with, allowing for the retention of your preferences and settings, or the analysis of your use of online services.


Cookies fall into two categories: 'first party' and 'third party':

• First-party cookies are served by the owner of the domain, which in our case is Magic Travel. Any cookie placed by us is considered a 'first-party cookie.'

• Third-party cookies are placed on our domains by trusted partners, including social media partners, advertising partners, security providers, and others.

Cookies can be either 'session cookies' or 'permanent cookies':

•           Session cookies exist until you close your browser, terminating your 'session,' after which they are deleted.

•           Permanent cookies have varying lifespans and persist on your device even after you close your browser. While we strive to predominantly use or allow third parties to serve permanent cookies with limited lifespans on the Magic Travel platform, we may occasionally extend a cookie's lifespan for security reasons or in exceptional circumstances.


Web browser cookies may store information such as your IP address, device ID, browser type, and details about your interactions with digital services. By storing this information, web browser cookies can remember your preferences and settings for online services and analyze your usage patterns.


In addition to cookies, we employ similar tracking technologies. Our website, emails, and mobile apps may contain small, transparent image files or lines of code that record your interactions. These include 'web beacons,' 'scripts,' 'tracking URLs,' or 'software development kits' (SDKs):

•           Web beacons, also known as web bugs, tracking bugs, tags, and more, are tiny one-pixel graphic images that can be delivered to your device as part of web pages, apps, advertisements, or HTML email messages. They retrieve information from your device, such as device type, IP address, and visit time, and may serve or read cookies in your browser.

•           Scripts are small computer programs embedded in our web pages, enhancing functionality, and enabling security features and basic interactive features. Scripts can also be used for analytical or advertising purposes.

•           Tracking URLs contain unique identifiers, tracking the website that led you to the Magic Travel website or app you're using. For example, clicking through from a social media page or a search engine.

•           Software Development Kits (SDKs) are part of our app's source code and store data in the app. They analyze app usage or send personalized push notifications, recording device identifiers, in-app activity, and network location.

All these tracking technologies are collectively referred to as 'cookies' in this Cookie Statement.


How are cookies used?

Cookies collect the following information:

•           IP address

•           Device ID

•           Viewed pages

•           Browser type

•           Browsing information

•           Operating system

•           Internet service provider

•           Timestamp

•           Response to advertisements

•           Referring URL

•           Features used or activities on the website/apps


Cookies enable the recognition of the same user across website pages, devices, different websites, or when using our apps. They serve three main categories: functional cookies, analytical cookies, and marketing cookies.

Functional cookies: These are essential for the functionality of our websites and apps and must be enabled for you to use our services. They facilitate the creation of user-friendly websites and apps that adapt to your preferences and needs, allowing for seamless browsing and booking.


Specifically, these cookies:

•           Enable proper functioning, account creation, sign-in, and booking management.

•           Remember your currency, language settings, past searches, and preferences.

•           Retain your registration information, eliminating the need to re-enter login credentials.

•           Enable essential security and accessibility features.


Analytical cookies:

These cookies measure and track how our website and apps are used, providing insights to improve our services. Specifically, these cookies:

•           Help us understand user behavior on Magic Travel and our apps.

•           Contribute to the improvement of our website, apps, and communications.

•           Inform us about the effectiveness of advertisements and communications.

•           Provide insights into user interactions after exposure to online ads, including those on third-party websites.

•           Assist our business partners in assessing the utilization of integrated accommodation offers on their websites.


Data collected through these cookies may include viewed web pages, referring/exit pages, platform type, opened emails, and time/date stamps. Additionally, they capture details about interactions with the site or app, such as clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, search terms, and entered text.


Marketing cookies:

Magic Travel and trusted partners use these cookies to gather information about users across websites, applications, or platforms, enabling personalized product recommendations, services, and interest-based advertisements both on and off our website and apps. Specifically, these cookies:

•           Segment users based on interests, considering visited websites and click behavior to display personalized content.

•           Present personalized, interest-based ads on Magic Travel, our apps, and other websites, using retargeting.

•           Incorporate social media functionalities into our website and apps


What options do you have?


To gain a deeper understanding of cookies and how to manage or remove them, you can visit or refer to your browser's help section.

In the settings of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome, you have the flexibility to select which cookies to accept and which to decline.

For more information feel free to write to 

Magic Travel is a Travel Agency brand that belongs to Shift Live Plus Co. Ltd. 

Main Offices: 66/22, moo 4., Maenam, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84330, Thailand

Thai Company Registration number: 0845565008461 | TAT No. 44/00318 

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