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Wat Don Sak

Meditate before you travel

Wat Don Sak

Wat Don Sak is a notable temple located in the Don Sak district of Surat Thani, Thailand, near the Donsak Pier, the main departure point for ferries to the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. It is a short 1-hour drive from the city center of Surat Thani. The temple is renowned for its impressive statue of Luangphu Thuat, a revered Buddhist monk. This statue measures 29.90 meters in width and 32.9 meters in height and includes multiple chambers for performing ceremonies.

The Don Sak district itself was originally part of Sichon district in Nakhon Si Thammarat province but was reassigned to Kanchanadit District in 1929. Don Sak became a minor district in 1969 and was promoted to full district status in 1971. While specific historical records about an individual named Don Sak and the exact construction date of the temple are not readily available, the district is widely known for its strategic location, serving as a gateway for ferry services to the popular tourist destinations in the Gulf of Thailand.


  1. Feeding the Fish: Visitors feed the fish in the pond across the sculpture of Luangphu Thuat. This act is considered a great deed in Buddhist tradition, symbolizing giving life back to what we consume. It also plays a crucial role in supporting the temple through donations, as Wat Don Sak is a private temple funded solely by donations.

  2. Spiritual Stop: Many visitors pay homage to Luangphu Thuat before embarking on island tours from Surat Thani, making Wat Don Sak a spiritual stop before their journeys.

These traditions and the serene atmosphere of Wat Don Sak make it a significant spiritual and cultural destination for travelers in Southern Thailand.

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