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Magic Travel - Privacy Policy



Before anything else, we want to emphasize the significance of your privacy to us. Such statements are common, yet our commitment is genuine. Your trust in using our services is highly valued, and in return, we are dedicated to the protection and security of your personal data. We always prioritize our customers' best interests and maintain transparency in how we handle your personal data.


This Privacy Statement explains the methods and purposes behind the processing of your personal data clearly and straightforwardly. It informs you of your rights regarding your personal data and how to get in touch with us for any inquiries. We also encourage you to review our Cookie Statement, which provides details on how we use cookies and similar tracking technologies.


As a returning user, you may already be familiar with the online travel-related services we offer not only on our own websites and mobile apps but also through various other online platforms, including our partners' websites and social media channels. This Privacy Statement is relevant and applicable across all these platforms.


This comprehensive statement encompasses all customer information we gather, whether directly through these platforms or indirectly through other means linked to them.


We periodically update this Privacy Statement, and we advise you to review this page occasionally to stay informed about your rights and our practices. Should any significant changes might affect you, rest assured, we will notify you about these updates before they are implemented.


Definitions Utilized in this Privacy Statement:

•           "Trip": Refers to a variety of travel products and services that can be ordered, acquired, purchased, rented, provided, reserved, combined, or consummated by you from the Trip Provider through Magic Travel.

•           "Trip Provider": This term designates entities that supply various travel-related services accessible via Magic Travel. It encompasses accommodations (hotels, motels, apartments, bed & breakfasts, landlords), attractions (theme parks, museums, sightseeing tours), transportation services (car rentals, cruises, rail, airport rides, coach tours, transfers), tour operators, travel insurance, and other related travel products or services as periodically available for reservation on the platform.

•           "Trip Service": Denotes the online services offered or enabled by Magic Travel, facilitating the purchase, order, payment, or reservation of various travel-related products and services provided by Trip Providers.

•           "Trip Reservation": Refers to the action of ordering, purchasing, paying for, booking, or reserving a Trip via Magic Travel.

Why Does Magic Travel Collect and Use Your Personal Data?


We collect and utilize your personal information for a range of purposes. Here's how your personal data may be used:


Trip Reservations: Primarily, we utilize your personal data to efficiently manage and fulfill your online Trip Reservation. This is crucial for the service we provide. It involves sending you related communications such as booking confirmations (including proof of purchase/payment when relevant), modifications, and reminders. Sometimes, this might also involve processing your personal data for online check-in with the Trip Provider or handling potential damage deposits.


Customer Service: Magic Travel offers global customer support in a few languages, available from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. By sharing necessary details like reservation info or your user account data with our worldwide customer service team, we're able to promptly respond to your needs. This includes assisting you in contacting the right Trip Provider and addressing any inquiries related to your Trip Reservation.


Account Facilities: Users of Magic Travel have the option to create an account on our website or apps. The information you provide is used to manage this account, allowing you to control your Trip Reservations, access special offers, make future reservations more efficiently, and personalize your settings.

Managing personal settings enables you to maintain and share lists, and photos, view previously searched Trip Services, and manage travel-related data you’ve submitted. You can also review any feedback you’ve provided.


You have the option to share specific information through your user account by creating a public profile with your first name or a chosen screen name. We also use your name and email address to pre-fill the sign-up form when you wish to create a Business account while logged into your account.


Online Groups: We offer opportunities for account holders to engage and interact through online groups or forums.


Marketing Activities: We engage in various marketing activities using your information. These include:

•           Sending regular updates about travel-related products and services to your contact information. You can easily unsubscribe from these communications at any time by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in each message or managing your preferences in your account settings.

•           Showing you personalized offers on the Magic Travel website, in mobile apps, or third-party sites (including social media platforms), based on your information.

•           Administering promotions like sweepstakes, referral programs, or competitions, using relevant information only.


Communicating with You: We may contact you through different means such as email, chatbot, post We may contact you through different means such as email, chatbot, post, phone, or text, depending on the contact details you have shared with us. Our communication may be for various reasons, including:

•           Addressing any inquiries or requests made by you or your chosen Trip Provider. Magic Travel also facilitates information exchange between customers and Trip Providers regarding services and existing Trip Reservations.

•           If you start but do not complete a Trip Reservation online, we may reach out to encourage you to complete your booking. This service is provided to enhance your experience, allowing you to resume your reservation without redoing the entire process.

•           Sending questionnaires or invitations for reviews about your experiences with Magic Travel or the Trip Provider.

•           Providing additional information related to your Trip Reservations or helpful tips for your trip planning and enjoyment.


Market Research: Occasionally, we may invite our customers to participate in market research. Any personal data collection and usage in this context will be clearly outlined in the related communications.


Improving Our Services: We use personal data for analytics and product improvement. This includes personalizing your experience based on your interactions with our platform and developing advanced machine-learning models and AI tools to enhance our services.


Pricing Based on Location: We process your IP address to identify your location and provide the best pricing for the region (EEA) or country (non-EEA) where you are based when you search for accommodations, rental cars, or flights on our platform.


Customer Reviews and Destination Information: Post-Trip, we may invite you to review your experience or provide information about the Trip Provider or destination. This can help inform other travelers about the quality and nature of the travel services you use.


Call Monitoring: Calls to our customer service team may be matched to your reservations for efficiency. Call recordings are used for quality control and training, and may also serve purposes like handling complaints, legal claims, or fraud detection.


Promoting a Safe Service: We actively use personal data to detect and prevent fraud and ensure the safety and reliability of our service.


Legal Purposes: Occasionally, we may use your information to resolve legal disputes, comply with regulatory investigations, enforce our terms of use, or respond to lawful law enforcement requests.

Voluntary Provision of Data: Providing personal data to Magic Travel is voluntary, but some services may only be available if we can collect certain data.


Legal Bases for Processing: We process personal data based on contractual necessity, legitimate interest, compliance with legal obligations, and, where applicable, your consent.


For any objections to our data processing methods, or to manage your preferences, please contact us at


How does Magic Travel share your data with third parties?


In certain situations, we share your personal data with third parties, which include:


The Trip Provider You Booked: To finalize your Trip Reservation, we transmit the necessary reservation details to the Trip Provider you've chosen. This is a crucial part of the service we offer.


The information we share can vary depending on the Trip Reservation and the Trip Provider. It typically includes your name, contact, and payment details, names of your travel companions, and any preferences or special requests you made during your Trip Reservation.


In some instances, we might also provide the Trip Provider with additional historical data about you, such as your previous bookings with them, your booking history with Magic Travel, whether any misconduct has been reported, your past booking cancellations, or any reviews you've left.


For any inquiries related to your Trip, we may contact the Trip Provider on your behalf. If payment isn't made directly through Magic Travel's website during booking, your credit card details (if provided to us) will be forwarded to the Trip Provider for further processing.


In situations involving claims or disputes related to a Trip Reservation, we may share your contact details and other relevant booking information with the Trip Provider to resolve the issue. This could include your email address and a copy of your reservation confirmation.

Please note that Trip Providers may process your personal data outside Magic Travel's control. They may request additional personal data for various purposes, such as providing extra services or adhering to local regulations. If available


Please note that Trip Providers may process your personal data outside Magic Travel's control. They may request additional personal data for various purposes, such as providing extra services or adhering to local regulations. If available, we recommend reviewing the Privacy Statement of the Trip Provider to understand how they handle your personal data.


Connectivity Providers: Some Trip Providers might require us to share your personal data with contracted Connectivity Providers to finalize and manage your reservation. These providers act on behalf of the Trip Providers and assist them in managing their reservations.


Your local Magic Travel office: To facilitate the use of Magic Travel services, your details may be shared with subsidiaries of the Magic Travel corporate group, including for customer service purposes. For more information about the Magic Travel corporate group, please visit our website.


Third-party service providers: We employ external

service providers outside the Magic Travel corporate group to support us in delivering our services. This includes:

•          Customer Support: Assistance with various customer service queries and issues.

•           Market Research: Conducting research to improve and personalize our services.

•           Fraud Detection and Prevention: This includes anti-fraud screening.

•           Insurance Claims Processing: Assisting with insurance-related needs.

•           Payment Processing: We engage third parties for handling payments, chargebacks, and billing collections. When processing chargebacks for your Trip Reservation, we share relevant reservation details with the payment service provider and the respective financial institution, which may include a copy of your reservation confirmation or the IP address used for the reservation.


We also share information with financial institutions for fraud detection and prevention purposes when necessary.

•           Marketing Services: Sharing personal data with advertising partners, including your email address, IP address, and telephone number, as part of marketing Magic Travel services via third parties. We employ techniques like hashing for data matching and to prevent misuse.

•           Advertising Partners: We collaborate with advertising partners like metasearch providers to allow comparison of our offers with those from other Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). When you make a reservation on Magic Travel after using such a service, we send the details of your reservation to that partner.


Other Professional Third Parties: In cases such as disputes, legal claims, or auditing activities, your personal data may be shared with professional advisors like law firms or auditors, as necessary.

Competent Authorities: We may disclose personal data to law enforcement as required by law or for critical issues like criminal act prevention or fraud detection. We might also share data with authorities (tax authorities, municipalities) for legal obligations, rights protection, or property defense.


Business Partners: We work with numerous global business partners who distribute and advertise Magic Travel services, including our Trip Providers' offerings. When you make a reservation through these partners, they forward your personal data to us to complete and manage the reservation. For customer service provided by these partners, we share necessary reservation details for efficient support.


Partner Offers: For 'Partner Offers,' we share relevant personal data with business partners facilitating these reservations.


Related Companies: Your personal data may also be shared within the Booking Holdings Inc. corporate group, as described on our website.


Insurance Companies and Claims: When Magic Travel acts as an intermediary for insurance products and services via its platform, Magic Travel, and the insurance provider are jointly responsible for the collection of Insurance-Specific Data and its transmission from Magic Travel to the insurance provider. However, the insurance provider acts as the sole controller for any processing outside of the Magic Travel systems. Any personal data collected by Magic Travel for insurance purposes will be processed as outlined in this Privacy Statement


Magic Travel is a respectful business, and your data, as detailed in this Privacy Statement, may be transferred, accessed, or stored with varying data protection laws. We ensure appropriate safeguards are in place for such transfers, complying with privacy law in Thailand is the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), which came into effect on June 1, 2022.


In specific cases, we may transfer data outside Thailand for your interest or to fulfill a contract with you. For more information or to see our safeguards, contact us at


How does Magic Travel process communications between you and your booked Trip Provider via Magic Travel?


Magic Travel offers various communication methods for you and Trip Providers to discuss Trip Services and existing Trip Reservations, directing these interactions through Magic Travel's platform. This includes enabling you and your Trip Provider to contact Magic Travel with queries about your Trip Reservation via our website, apps, and other available channels.

Magic Travel monitors communications and may employ automated systems to review, scan, and analyze these interactions for several reasons:

•             Security Purposes

•           Fraud Prevention

•           Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Requirements

•           Investigations of Potential Misconduct

•           Product Development and Improvement

•           Research

•           Customer Engagement: This includes providing you with information and offers that might interest you.

•           Customer or Technical Support


We reserve the right to review or block the transmission of communications that, in our sole judgment, may contain harmful content, spam, or pose a risk to you, the Trip Providers, Magic Travel, or others.


All messages sent or received using Magic Travel's communication tools are captured and stored by Magic Travel. Additionally, Trip Providers and Business Partners with whom you've made a Trip Reservation might communicate with you directly via email or other channels that are not under Magic Travel's control.


How does Magic Travel utilize mobile devices?


Magic Travel provides free apps for various mobile devices and has optimized versions of our regular website for mobile and tablet browsing. These apps and mobile-optimized websites handle your personal details similarly to our main website. They also offer the option to use location services to find nearby Trip Services, should you choose to do so.

With your permission, we may send push notifications related to your Trip Reservation. You have the option to allow us access to your location data or contact details to deliver the requested services. Additionally, if you upload pictures to our platform, these may include location information (metadata). To manage the sharing of this data, please refer to your mobile device’s instructions for changing settings.


The 'Voice Assistant' feature, which allows you to search our services or manage bookings using voice commands, requires access to your device's microphone. Your speech is anonymously converted into text by a third-party service provider for this functionality.


To enhance our services and marketing efforts, and to ensure a consistent user experience, we employ 'cross-device tracking', which may be conducted with or without cookies. For a broader understanding of cookies and similar technologies, please refer to our Cookie Statement.


Cross-device tracking enables Magic Travel to follow user activities across multiple devices. This may involve merging data collected from one browser or mobile device with data from other devices used by the same customer.


To tailor the content of the Magic Travel newsletter, we aggregate searches and reservations made from different computers and devices. You can opt out of the Magic Travel newsletter at any time.


Personalized ads presented to you on other websites or apps are based on your activities on connected computers and devices. You can modify your cross-device tracking settings for advertising purposes by changing the cookie settings on your device (refer to our Cookie Statement under ‘Your Choices’ section). Please note that logging out of your Magic Travel account does not cease the delivery of personalized ads.


How does Magic Travel utilize social media?


At Magic Travel, social media serves various functions. It's not just for facilitating the use of our online reservation services, but also for promoting our Trip Providers' travel-related offerings and enhancing, as well as advertising, our own services.


Please be aware that using social media features can involve the exchange of personal data between Magic Travel and the social media service provider, as explained below. Remember, you always have the choice not to utilize any social media features made available to you.


Sign in with your social media account: We provide the option to sign into a Magic Travel user account using your social media account. This is to simplify your online experience by reducing the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords for different services. Once you sign in using your social media account, you can subsequently use it to access your Magic Travel account. You also have the option to disconnect your Magic Travel user account from your social media account at any time.


Integration of social media plugins: Our Magic Travel website and apps incorporate social media plugins. When you interact with these buttons (like the ‘Like’ button on Facebook),When you interact with these buttons (like the ‘Like’ button on Facebook), certain information is shared with these social media providers.

If you're logged into your social media account while clicking one of these buttons, the provider may associate this information with your social media account. Depending on your settings, they might also display these actions on your social media profile, visible to others in your network.


Other social media services and features: We may integrate other social media services (such as social media messaging) to enable interactions with Magic Travel or your contacts about our services. We also manage accounts and offer apps on various social media platforms. When you interact with Magic Travel via social media, your service provider may allow you to share information with us.


If you choose to share, you will generally be informed by your social media provider about what information will be shared. For instance, when you log into a Magic Travel user account using your social media account, certain information (like your email address, age, and profile pictures) might be shared with us, subject to your social media account's authorization settings.


When you register with a Magic Travel social media app or connect to a social media messaging service without a Magic Travel user account, the information you share with us can include basic details from your social media profile (like your email address, status updates, and contacts list).


We use this data to provide the requested service (e.g., forwarding a message to your contacts) and to enhance user experience on our app or website. It allows us to customize our services to your needs, helping you and your friends discover ideal travel destinations and to improve our travel-related services. Note that we don't use WhatsApp or similar third-party services for booking or payment confirmations. If you receive such a request via these platforms, do not respond or follow any links, but instead, report it to our Customer Service team.


Your social media provider can offer more details about how they use and process your data in connection with Magic Travel. For instance, if you choose to share information, you will typically be informed about what will be shared. If you sign into a Magic Travel account using your social media account, certain details from your social media profile may be shared with us, depending on your authorizations. This may include your email address, age, and profile pictures.


The information we receive is used to provide the requested service, such as forwarding a message or creating a personalized experience on our app or website. Our aim is to customize our services to your preferences and needs, helping you and your friends discover ideal travel destinations and improve our travel services.


Please note, we do not use third-party services like WhatsApp for booking or payment confirmations. If you receive such requests through these channels, do not respond or click on any links, and report the message to our Customer Service team.


For more details on how your data is used and processed when you connect with Magic Travel via social media, consult your social media provider. They may combine the data collected through Magic Travel with information from other linked online platforms.


If you decide to connect using your Facebook or Google account, for information about how these parties use the data they receive, please review their policies at the following links: Facebook and Google


How does Magic Travel handle the personal data of children?


Magic Travel's services are designed for individuals aged 18 and older, and they do not intentionally collect data from children under 18 years old unless it is provided by a parent or guardian with their explicit consent. In rare situations where Magic Travel may need to collect personal data from children under 18, such as for booking travel services or in cases related to family-specific features, this data will only be gathered and utilized with the explicit consent of a parent or guardian.


If Magic Travel becomes aware that they have processed the information of an individual under 18 years old without the valid consent of a parent or guardian, they will promptly delete the data to comply with privacy regulations.


Who is responsible for the processing of personal data via Magic Travel and how can you get in touch with us?


Shift Live Plus Co., Ltd. is the entity responsible for the processing of personal data, as outlined in this Privacy Statement, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Shift Live Plus Co., Ltd. is a private limited liability company operating under the laws of the Netherlands, with its headquarters located at 66/22, moo 4., Maenam, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84330, Thailand.


If you have any inquiries regarding this Privacy Statement or the way we handle your personal data, please reach out to our Data Protection Officer at, and we will respond to your queries promptly. For matters related to your reservation or if you require customer service assistance, please feel free to write to:


If you have questions related to a specific reservation, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team through the dedicated customer service contact page.


For inquiries from law enforcement agencies, please follow the Law Enforcement process.


Country-specific Regulations Depending on the applicable laws in your region or country, there may be additional information provided.


For more information feel free to write to 

Magic Travel is a Travel Agency brand that belongs to Shift Live Plus Co. Ltd. 

Main Offices: 66/22, moo 4., Maenam, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84330, Thailand

Thai Company Registration number: 0845565008461 | TAT No. 44/00318 

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