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Our Pledge for Positive Social Impact

At Magic South, we don't just explore the breathtaking landscapes of Southern Thailand; we embrace and uplift the communities that make this region so unique. We pledge to ensure that every journey with us not only enriches the lives of our travelers but also brings tangible benefits to the local communities we visit.

Community Empowerment: We commit to empowering local communities by prioritizing local partnerships, supporting sustainable tourism practices, and providing educational opportunities. By engaging with and investing in local businesses, we aim to foster economic growth and self-sufficiency.

Cultural Preservation: Southern Thailand is a tapestry of rich cultures and traditions. We pledge to respect and preserve these cultural heritages, promoting awareness and appreciation among our travelers through respectful, authentic experiences.

Environmental Stewardship: Recognizing the fragile beauty of Southern Thailand's natural environments, we are dedicated to their preservation. Our tours are designed to minimize environmental impact and promote conservation efforts, ensuring the wonders of Southern Thailand remain vibrant for generations to come.

Community Development Initiatives: A portion of our proceeds goes directly back into the communities we visit. From supporting local schools and healthcare facilities to funding conservation projects, we are committed to making a positive impact.

Engagement and Education: We believe in the power of education to inspire positive change. Through our platform, we aim to raise awareness about the challenges faced by Southern Thailand's communities and the importance of sustainable travel practices.

Join us in making a difference. Every tour booked with Magic South is a step towards a brighter future for the communities of Southern Thailand. Together, we can create a legacy of positive impact and shared prosperity. Welcome to Magic South, where travel meets purpose.

כבשים חוצים את הכביש בכפר תאילנדי

Following our pledge in the above picture you may see a picture we took in the heart of the local Fisherman's Village in the Nakhon Si Thammarat region.


Here are some of the commitments we completed interacting with this unique community: 

Community Empowerment: Our visit happened during a period when the village struggled to function due to the COVID-19 pandemic effect and the lack of visitors to the village. Together with the villagers, we put forward a financial plan for restoration and we started to first clean the village teaching all men, women, and children the importance of living in a clean environment. After we completed the purchasing of trash bins for the village and physically cleaning the village we started to restore the public environment to enable the village to host tourists, whether through fixing the boats, the deck, the restaurant, the SPA, and the recreation work-shops space to bring it to an eco-friendly tourism location. 

Cultural Preservation: During the restoration process we realized the need of the local community we've engaged with, to keep the local look and feel as authentic as possible to preserve the cultural values, whether of the form and shape of the buildings they live in or of the public spaces. on top of a plan to bring forward the local arts and crafts, the visit program includes the cultural know-how of the locals such as cooking mangrove leaves, painting textiles with local colorants and mud, cooking the same way the village cooks for centuries, keep using and thus restoring the long-tail boats other than regular modern boats and more.

Environmental Stewardship: Apart from keeping the community villages clean and tidy we focused on preserving the environment. Given the fact that the whole community is surrounded by Mangrove trees, we initiated processes with various groups to preserve and plant new Mangrove seedlings as this tree is the most valuable carbon emission-capturing tree in the world and assists in rejuvenating the dying Mangrove trees in the world. Such preservation and enrichment of the plantation also create further fishing opportunities for the local villagers. 

Community Development Initiatives: A great highlight for this article's section will be the ability that this project enabled both women and men in the visited community to integrate with the new prospect we've created for the communities. Women now started to produce local candles, colored shirts, facial creams, art crafts, and more, whilst men parallel to being fishermen now also became local guides, restaurant operators, cooks, and more.


Engagement and Education: Truly inspiring moments were those when all surrounding communities started sending kids of schooling age to come and visit the villages we engaged with the local community to learn about eco-life and environment preservation and other activities available for the kids. 


עזרו לסביבה ושתפו על היוזמה הזו

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