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Magic South | When nature leaves you breathless

Updated: Feb 5

By Sally Aka Shlomi Selim Benbasat, one of Magic South Creators

04 February 2024

My personal journey with Magic South

Introduction: I've always believed that some of the most extraordinary adventures are those that nature herself scripts. Recently, I had the privilege of experiencing this first-hand on our Magic South tour, beginning just a few kilometers from Surat Thani, near the world's oldest rainforest.

so it stroke me by its beauty
Stumbled upon Nature

Discovering the Ancient Rainforest: My journey started in the ancient rainforests near Surat Thani, a place where nature speaks in whispers and roars. Every step I took was a step back in time, surrounded by the symphony of wildlife and the rustling of age-old trees. It was more than just a walk; it was a dance with nature's timeless rhythm.

Another surprise in our amazing Magic South Tour
Special Animals

Mystical Temples in the Jungle: Wandering deeper into the jungle, I stumbled upon temples that seemed to have sprouted from the earth itself. These weren’t just structures made of stone; they were sanctuaries of peace, enveloped in the forest's embrace. Sitting there, in the quietude, I felt a deep connection to something greater than myself.

at the heart of the Temple's Park
Buddha's Welcome Point

Khao Sok – A Canvas of Natural Wonders: Khao Sok National Park was a chapter straight out of a fantasy book. The turquoise rivers snaked through the emerald jungle, flanked by imposing limestone cliffs. Each moment here was a discovery – spotting a rare bird, a unique flower, or just basking in nature's unspoiled beauty.

A serene moment in nature
River Adventure like no other

River Adventures and Serene Moments: The rivers in Khao Sok offered a mix of thrill and tranquility. Rafting down the rapids, I felt a surge of adrenaline, followed by moments of absolute peace while swimming in the calm waters. It was here, floating on the river’s surface, that I truly understood the power and gentleness of nature.

Healing in Hot Springs: As the day wound down, I found solace in the natural hot springs. Submerged in the warm, mineral-infused waters, I felt every ounce of weariness melt away. It was as if nature herself was healing me, preparing me for another day of awe-inspiring experiences.

Conclusion: My journey with Magic South was more than just a travel experience; it was a voyage of personal discovery. From the depths of ancient rainforests to the sacred quiet of jungle temples, from exhilarating river adventures to the healing embrace of hot springs – every moment was a lesson in the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Come and join me on this journey with Magic Travel Thailand. Let’s get lost in the wonders of nature together!

This revised blog post is written in a personal tone, recounting experiences as if you were narrating your own journey through the Magic South tour. It aims to create an intimate connection with the reader, inviting them to share in your awe and appreciation of Thailand's natural beauty.

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